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About Jordy Nelson


Jordy Nelson grew up on a dusty gravel road near the small town of Riley, Kansas. He played walk-on football for nearby Kansas State University and married his high school sweetheart, Emily. Their all-American dream continued when Jordy began playing professional football for the Green Bay Packers. Now, he’s Super Bowl Champion, Green Bay’s leading wide receiver, and an NFL star.

Whether he’s harvesting golden waves of grain on his family farm or leaping into a sea of green and yellow at Lambeau Field, Jordy Nelson puts his whole heart into the things he truly believes in. His newest venture with 87 Cheese is no different.

Only one cheese made the cut when the Nelsons were looking for a healthy, traditional dairy alternative for their family.

87 Cheese produced at Stickney Hill Dairy was the game-winner.

 Learn more about Jordy Nelson at http://www.jordynelson.com


About Stickney Hill Dairy

The only way to make great tasting cheese is to start with fresh, quality milk. That’s why Stickney Hill Dairy is an international leader in goat milk products.

Located in the heart of Minnesota’s dairy industry, Stickney Hill operates three dairy facilities that focus on the production of cheese, butter, milk powders and specialty packaging. They blend time-honored traditions with scientific innovations to consistently churn out that fresh, creamy taste customers crave.

 Stickney Hill Dairy is proud to partner with Jordy Nelson in producing 87 Cheese.

 Learn more: http://www.stickneydairy.com